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From the leading edge of physics to a variety of non-ordinary experiences that many are having, our species is awakening to the possibility, even the likelihood, that or kind of physically-based life on Earth may comprise only one small part of a larger, more inclusive multidimensional reality inhabited on many levels by many kinds of beings. 

Over a hundred years ago, philosopher and psychologist William James wrote, “Our waking consciousness is but one special state of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different,” adding that “no amount of the universe is in totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded.” We may now extend this thinking to include the possibility of “forms of worlds and realities entirely different” from ours, accessible by means of, and inhabited by, such other forms of consciousness. 

I would like to speculate on the nature of this otherworldly realm that may lie beyond the physical and me be higher dimensional in nature.  In doing so, I will entertain a variety of perspectives, ranging from what has been called perennial philosophy and the metaphysical, to the most advanced theories of present-day physics, extended into para-physics to push such thinking, and extending our psychology into parapsychology in the process. 

One particularly exciting aspect of this cross-world or inter-dimensional field of study occurring today is called “electronic voice phenomena” (or EVP), more recently also being called “instrumental trans-communication” (ITC).  This EVP/ITC-type research uses a variety of technologically assisted approaches in an attempt to make contact with and record communication thought to be from surviving human spirits.  I am engaged in a five-year grant-supported research project devoted to this work, and I have expanded it to include trying to record extraterrestrial as well as human spirit presence.  I will conclude this article with a brief description of this work.

Parapsychology and Ufology

The study of whether we survive the deaths of our bodies in some kind of non-physically based afterlife or astral plan comprises one of the three main branches of what was earlier called psychical research, and now is addressed by the more formal scientific discipline of parapsychology.  The other two branches are extrasensory perception, including telepathy, and psychokinesis, or anomalous mind-matter interactions.  Since its roots late in the late 19th century, it has been the job of this field of parapsychology to investigate claims of survival of death, including attempts to understand if and how living consciousness and personality can operate separate from the physical body and brain and within an experiential domain quite different from the one we know here on Earth.   

In a parallel manner, beginning halfway through the 20th century, the field of ufology has been studying flying saucers or unidentified flying objects, “UFOs.”  As part of this, the more-recent sub-field studying the beings,  usually called aliens, extraterrestrials, or “ETs,” associated with such UFOs could be called extraterrestriology.  Particularly, a growing percentage of reports of UFO/ET researchers, witnesses and experiencers, including contactees, abductees and channelers, describe anomalous vehicles and he hypothesized extraterrestrials associated with them in ways that point to an otherworldliness that implies they are not just physically-based beings from another physical world interacting with ours, and that their consciousness interacting with ours may be quite different, as well. 

The ability of UFOs to appear to enter and leave our physical dimensionality, and of ETs to interact with our environments, bodies and minds in anomalous ways, makes us question the objective reality of our own world.  Their feats point to the possibility that the native habitation of at least some extraterrestrials may be very different, perhaps operating at a higher dimensionality, density or frequency domain than our own, and reflect their ability to appear to u se capabilities parapsychologists would deem telepathy and psychokinesis to interact with our consciousness and our world.

Speaking as both a parapsychologist and a ufologist, I think it is curious and problematic that these two complex fields, that seem to have so much in common, have had virtually no interaction with each other.  Reports from UFO/ET experiencers are rich in descriptions of the kinds of abilities, phenomena and processes long studied by parapsychology, including telepathy and other ESP, mind control, mind anomalously affecting matter (psychokinesis), transubstan-tiation, levitation, teleportation, out-of-body experiences, and materialization and de-materialization, to name just a few. 

Both fields of study appear to be dealing with phenomena, processes and experiences that bring into question the long-held tenets of physical reductionism regarding the nature of objective reality and of the Cartesian dualistic distinction still being maintained between the two supposedly completely separate and distinctly different realms of mind and matter.  I think these two fields should now join forces, especially with regard to trying to better understand our relation to a larger universe and its inhabitants.  I believe there is some kind of Rosetta Stone at work here whereby ufology and parapsychology can better shed light on each other’s endeavors to help usher in the emerging, new, more inclusive scientific paradigm as well as help midwife the shift that seems to be occurring in our consensus reality. 

Ufology as Cross-World Studies

It appears we are in a midst of a second Copernican revolution that has two aspects.  1) What ufology is studying, and what experiencers’ reports are reflecting, is leading us to the realization that we’re not the center of the universe, nor alone in it either.  Rather, we are but a very small part of a vast, seemingly populated universe with myriad other physical and probably non-physical worlds and planes of existence.  2)  At the same time, parapsychology and related consciousness studies are leading us toward a related understanding.  The realm of the subjective-mind, consciousness, intention, and the inner realm in general, has long been seen as subservient to and less than, or downright unreal compared to, the domain of the physical, of external reality, with consciousness being seen as only an emergent epiphenomenon of brain.  But we may be gradually discovering that the reverse is true:  that it is local experienced physicality that revolves around and is dependent upon the inner causal realm of consciousness and spirit, with the cross-world components of subtle energies and higher frequencies and dimensions mediating between. 

The old notion of inner and outer, subjective and objective, realities seem to be growing ever more confounded and intermixed.   The outer is experienced as becoming more inner-like and the inner as more outer-like.  Just read the descriptions in the growing reports from UFO/ET experiencers.  Carl Jung coined the term “psychoid” o refer to whatever possesses the qualities of possessing both inner and outer reality, of being both subjectively and objectively real.  I believe we are entering the experience of a true post-dualistic, or post Cartesian, reality.  We will know it by its fruits in our ongoing personal and shared experience.  With it, a new worldview and a scientific paradigm with new technology will emerge. 

My conjecture is that those who we are calling extraterrestrials–  at least those who are not inhabiting and embodies at the same physical-level density, frequency or dimensionality as we are–  have evolved to a level of being able to engineer at will within and in terms of a true post-dualist unified field universe, within which crossworld and interdimensional operations can occur.  They appear adept at telepathy and related manipulative expertise on what could be called the mental plane, and experiencers within their sphere of influence tend to experience a breakdown of the old inner-outer dualistic dichotomy as a result.

Extraterrestrials also seem able to use advanced forms of psychokinesis, what parapsychologists see as anomalous control of matter by mind.  In some cases it appears that they control their vehicles with their minds alone; and there have been reports that their vehicles appear to be alive and at one with them. 

Many can alter the way they manifest to us, showing experiencers on occasion that the basic nature of their kind of personal embodimenet, as that of their ships, is more like light or related immaterial energy that they are capable of manipulating like the subtlest of artist’s clay in the hands of their technology. 

Like parapsychology, ufology continues to provide a challenge to what we have long thought was real and possible; we are being ushered into a truly post-dualistic unified field psychoid realm of experience, one in which our extraterrestrial visitors seem extremely versed and proficient.  The real action may lie in their ability to engineer the relationship between what we might think of dualistically as inner or mental forces and higher dimensional, higher frequency, subtler energy domains which, in turn, influence and are responsible for what occurs on our physical level reality when they visit us.    

Recent Historical Views

In virtually all ages and cultures there have been belief systems about how we survive the deaths of our bodies, what orm we take after death, what it is like where we continue to exist, and how departed spirits, or different otherworldly beings, can sometimes interact directly with us on our level of reality.  Beginning in the 1860s, there was a strong resurgence of reported interactions with the so-called afterlife realm, giving rise to the Spiritualist era, rich in séances and mediumship.  Prominent members of society were involved, including leading scientists and thinkers of the day.  There was a prevalence of what was called “physical mediumship,” in contrast to mental mediumship, which involved purported spirit communication of only informational messages conveyed to or through the medium.

In contrast, physical mediumship was said to involve different kinds of spirit manifestations, including medium-assisted materializations of deceased spirits for all present to see; “apports” or bringing distant or otherworldly objects into sealed rooms or containers; levitation of objects and mediums; the generation of a kind of cross-world substance called “ectoplasm,” said to be contributed to by both the medium and the spirit realm and able to be photographed and used by spirits to move and lift material objects; and the creation of something called “direct voice,” where a discarnate spirit, with the help of the medium, was said to be able to materialize the throat region enough to speak by vibrating the air so all assembled could hear voices directly from spirit. 

While mental mediumship seemed to involve some form of telepathy, or mind-to-mind interactions between disembodied and embodied minds, physical mediumship app eared to use a kind of crossworld or interdimensional psychokinesis whereby disembodies spirits could substantially affect real-world physical systems. 

About this time, continuing what has been called the “perennial philosophy,” various occult or metaphysical schools of thought had become popular, including the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner, the Kaballah, and othes.  The common model of the universe they shared was that our physical level of reality was the most dense, least spiritual, and operated at the lowest frequency of the vibration of a universal underlying spiritual ether comprising all manifest, or manifestable, realities.  Adjacent to the physical was the etheric or pre-physical.  Next came the astral or emotional realm, then the mental, then the causal, then two or three still higher realms.

Beings were said to inhabit each of these realms, possessing a bodily vehicle that is co-extensive with, drawn from the substance of, and able to interact back with respective plane of reality’s local dimensionality, density, or frequency of the vibrating universal ether operating as a kind of discrete carrier wave sub-ground of Beings.  Being are then able to modulate this and denser grounds by causal activity taking place, in a transducing, cascading process always operating from the higher planes to the lower ones, from the inner, more mental/spiritual to the outer, more physical realms. 

The myriad communications said to come afrom the afterlife, filling the annals of the many decades of psychical and parapsychological survival research, comprise a strong consensus of descriptions regarding this multi-tiered, y et superimposed, organization of the universe within which physical reality plays but a small part.

Moreover, the last half-century of UFO witnessing and ET experience narratives provides a fascinating corollary, pointing to our physical reality, with its four dimensions (one being time) and its four known basic forces, as being only one aspect of a much more inclusive universe.  This larger universe, this post-Biblical house of many mansions, according to these otherworldly trans-physically-based perspectives, is comprised of higher dimensions, velocities, frequencies, energies, forces, and causal powers supraordinate with respect to the subordinate matter, forces and energies we presently can experience on Earth.

Surviving spirits, said to exist on the astral plane, and those extraterrestrials appearing to not physically based but operating from the etheric or pre-physical level, both seem, at least on occasion and at will, capable of interacting with and affecting our level of reality.  What is affected may be a medium’s or channel

S brain/body or subtler energy body, or the manifestations and materializations in a séance room, in the case of surviving spirits.  Or it may be ETs moving their vehicles in and out of our reality, or moving their and our bodies through solid bedroom walls and ceilings, in some kind of shift in phase, state, or frequency of aspects of the local ground responsible for all we might experience as both ordinary and non-ordinary. 

What does present-day physics tell us about the nature of higher dimensional realities and their worlds of matter, energy and consciousness relations, which may be radically different than our own?  To begin, with higher dimensions come higher degrees of freedom.  An inhabitant of a higher-dimensional world than ours would be able to do more within his world than we can within ours, and he would be able to k now more about and do more within our world than we can.  As pointed out by physicist Michio Kaku in his book Hyperspace, “The laws of physics appear single and unified in higher dimensions.” 


Edwin Abbott’s 1884 novel, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by a Square, has long been helpful for s peculating on higher dimensional reality in relation to ours.  For example, a sphere slowly moving through two-dimensional flatland is experienced by the inhabitants of Flatland as only a circle, first slowly expanding, then contracting, beginning and ending with a point. 

Similarly, the person in Flatland cannot know that the four separate circles he sees before him are actually the four legs of a three-dimensional creature standing in Flatland.  In that next higher dimension, what was locally separated in Flatland experience is joined as part of the single coherent body, as Kaku implies.  In this sense, lower dimensional domains in relation to adjacent higher dimensional ones may serve as projection systems, with the lower dimensional world comprised of shadows case, as in Plato’s cave parable.

We, in our three-dimensional version of Flatland, only one dimension higher relative to the experience of the shadow projections on the wall, are as yet developmentally unable to turn around and see the still higher-dimensional cave within which Plato has us envision people moving freely around the fire, carrying objects we can only know in terms of their lower-dimensional shadow aspects on the wall of our lower dimensionality.

Imagine, then, extraterrestrials as moving freely through higher dimensional mansions of our universal house and occasionally projecting into our three-dimensional world so that we can experience hem and their ships alongside the other shadow-level objects and events available to our current consciousness as part of our environment’s dimensionality.  Abbott writes of a fictional character, “Lord Sphere,” who visits Flatland, trying to explain to the Flatlanders that he comes from a world which is one dimension higher than theirs.  At one point, Lord Spheres takes Mr. Square for a kind of psychedelic trip into “space land.”  Abductees working with Dr. John Mack and others wonder:  What is objectively real and what is only imagined or dreamt?  “I am not sure I am fully awake.  I see them coming through the solid wall of the bedroom.  They are now levitating me up, and I pass right through the ceiling, with their reassurances telepathically sounding in the middle of my head.”   Lord Sphere as extraterrestrial. 

Grand Unified Theories

Physicists today work theoretically with higher dimensionality not just involving a fourth spatial dimension–  or a fifth, if, as Einstein, we count tiem as our fourth dimension–  but with 10 or more.  Note that if four of those 10 dimensions comprise the everyday space-time physical level of reality we experience, this would leave six additional dimensions to the larger reality, which is what many of those movements at the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries taught.  The problem is that physics currently pictures these higher dimensions being curled into domains smaller than the Planck length, or less than the diameter of an atom, where our understandings of space, time, and causuality completely break down. 

Recent perennial philosophy and New Age literature, with its channeled and ET experience messages and insights, is filled with references to how frequency is the key to cross world and cross-dimensional relations.  One way to consider frequency is at the measurement of how many waveforms pass a point in a given amount of time, which could also relate to its velocity.  One can put an enormous number of vibrations within an incredibly small space and time.  We   may then note a possible equivalence relation among frequency, velocity and dimensionality. 

There has long been speculation that ETs need to be able to break through the barrier of the speed of light to bridge the light years of distance to reach us.  Once they have broken through, they must be operating within superluminary domain that probably has higher degrees of freedom, higher dimensionality, and abridging of time as well as space. 

In its attempts at constructing a grand unified theory (GUT) to bring together the four known forces in nature, one thing current physics looks at is the particular-pair creation and maintenance process occurring in what is called the zero-point energy vacuum, or ZPE. If you take away all the known particles and forces, creating as close to a laboratory vacuum as possible, rather than noting being there, scientific calculations conclude that there is as much energy in each cubic centimeter of that ZPE as exists in the known universe.  The problem is that this ZPE energy is so incoherent and out of phase, and undergoing such constant wave destruction and cancellation, that there is virtually nothing to measure or access.

At the same time, according to current science, all of the known “wavicles” (or particles) responsible for the matter and energy in our world, the electromagnetic, weak decay and strong nuclear force, and gravitation, and the “gauge fields” of these forces and their mediating particles, are constantly being created and destroyed, out of and back into that ZPE.

These GUTs seek to find ways to see how one kind of particle could be turned into another,  mathematically if not achemically transmuting one fermionic mass-possessing set of particles into bosonic set of light particles instantly operating at the speed of light.  Such ways of thinking involve what is called “local symmetry breaking” within based ground-state supersymmetry systems, giving rise to the existing local particles.  Or, in more recent superstring theory, scientists theorize that underlying ground state as being comprised of an infinite number of infinitesimal mathematical strings that can vibrate according to discrete resonances, combinations of which give rise to all the mass energy particles responsible for our level of reality.   

ET Physics Theorized

Do extraterrestrial visitors see things this way?  Do the strings on their level of reality, in their dimensionality, vibrate at different octaves than ours?  Have they found a way to raise or lower the superstring frequencies responsible for their bodies and ships so that they can move at will between the higher octave carrier wave their native reality is modulated within and our lowered one?

Have UFO occupants learned to carry out transubstantiations with respect to the ZPE, or some other version of the underlying multidimensional  potentiality, so that they can turn mass-possessing quarks and fermions into leptons and bosons of essential light, and then translate them in turn into superluminary tachyons, and even higher, as into wavicles of the mental plane, for all we know?  A true post-Cartesian unified field technology will probably involve such conversion abilities whereby what we have thought of as consciousness and spirit, as the creator aspect, become ever more as one of the negotiable artist’s clay of creation and its underlying ground of being.

But current science has three  presuppositions that make it virtually impossible for it to accept the reports and claims of ufology:  1)  To be objectively real, something must be comprised of mass possessing matter and energy, as physicists currently known them; 2)  Nothing possessing mass can ever reach the speed of light, and nothing, not even light or any other known energy, can go faster; and 3) it would take an impossibly immense amount of energy, such as existed only in a first few seconds of the hypothesized Big Bang origin of the universe, to carry out the transubstantiations from mass particles into light ones into anything beyond, that seem necessary in the hypothesized hyperspatial translations into and out of matter and energy, space and time that so many UFOs appear to be able to make. 

Still, it is the equations of current theoretical physics that lead us to believe that we may someday be able to change the frequency, phase, and state of constituent subcomponents of our bodies and ships by manipulating local symmetry breaking, changes in resonance of the underlying superstring raw material of creation, and by engineering transductions and translations across local wavicle characteristics out of and upheld by an underlying ZPE that mey be only a membrane between our reality and adjacent higher frequency, higher dimensional ones.  But we are admittedly still far from a true post-Cartesian unified field understanding and technology, and will probably remain so until we bring in the other half of the traditional pre-Cartesian, pre-dualistic, equation:  the realm of what we have been calling the inner, the subjective, mind, consciousness, intentions, etc. 

One GUT that comes close to a true post-Cartesian unified field understanding was created by quantum physicist David Bohm.  He pictured the universe as being comprised of an all-inclusive underlying “implicate order,” which gives rise to local “explicate orders.”  The implicate order lies outside of all time and dimensionality and is the grounds not only for all explicate objective realities, but for all explicate consciousness that can experience such realities.  His implicate order is a pure frequency domain made out of all the possible universal building-block vibratory waveforms and their phases. 

This is essentially the picture of the universe as a vast holographic process.  What are called “Fourier transforms” allow for the adding together or superimposition of simpler waveforms, which may include what are known as vortices, toroids, plasmoids, fluxons, solitons, torsion fields and scalar waves as well as the usual sinusoidal wave type (shades of the earlier notion of a universal ether moving with respect to itself across different velocities, frequencies, densities, dimensionalities and qualities, giving rise to all local experiential objects and events).  Such transforms can be tuned to select the separate componential waveforms that make up any complex wave system or can be superimposed to create any such complex wave system, whether it be your own body, a surviving human spirit’s, or an ET’s. 

It was quantum mechanics itself in the early 20th century that started th is paradigm shift toward a post-dualistic unified field by pointing out that any real particle is only in a virtual state of probabilities of local experiential existence until observed.  This virtual probabilistic state associated with any potentially objectively real thing is depicted in terms of the “wave function” representing it.  Any observation or measurement, any decisive intervention of consciousness to determine the local, objectively real nature and properties of a thing causes what is called a “collapse of the wave function.  This is said to instantaneously replace the spread-out probability distribution of all the possibilities for that particle with a single concretized, focused version that is then able to be experienced by the consciousness collapsing it. 

The psychokinesis phenomena studies by parapsychologists may involve ways of collapsing the wave function that are done differently, operating from a different state of consciousness than normal, giving rise to non-ordinary data and experiences.  Perhaps extraterrestrials have become adept at changing the parameters of the process of continuous wave-function collapse in order to engineer shifts in phase and state between their consciousness and its experienced environment. 

In addition, quantum physics first theorized, then experimentally verified, the phenomenon now called “non-locality,” where particles sharing a common quantum state of origin and which are widely spatially separated remain connected or correlated in a simultaneous way that actually exceeds any speed of light-limited causal connectedness between them.  Far-distant worlds, due to their possible non-local relation to us, may one day be readily accessible to us if we can only figure out how to engineer this in a way that ETs may have already done.  

The Road Ahead

We are still faced with figuring the post-dualistic relations that probably must exist among velocity, frequency, dimensionality and states of consciousness.  Current physics is not there yet.  Is operating at a sufficiently higher frequency the same as operating within a higher dimensional system?  Can you increase dimensions by increasing frequency?  Can shifting he phase relationship of the constituent components of a lower dimensional system raise it into a higher dimension, by transforming fermions of mass into bosons of light into superluminary tachyons of ever higher octave–  until one reaches the domains of living, casual mind/consciousness itself, and, of course, can one move into the other direction of this transformational chain as well?

Recall that with higher dimensionality come higher degrees of freedom for anyone of anything operating within it.  The higher the frequency of a carrier wave of energy, the more quickly and efficaciously modulations and operations may occur because of and with respect to it.  The higher the frequency of a carrier wave of energy, the more quickly and efficaciously modulations and operations may occur because of and with respect to it.  But how do we increase frequency?  Probably by bringing to bear supraordinate forces capable of driving or resonantly entraining the system into the rarified octaves of its own higher harmonics.

What are the forces available to us that lie outside the box of our “four space” of three spatial dimensions and time and of the four forces in nature we currently understand?  We are going to need to examine the “inner” side of our traditional dualist pre-unified-field perspective.  Cross-octave harmonic resonance, entrainment, and tuning relations across a superimposed hierarchy of dimensions that span and integrate the old mind-matter dualism may lie at the heart of our future, and the ETs current technology.