My thoughts..

I always thought there was way more to this place then just the typical order we were told to have…

*We are spiritual beings/source fractals having a human experience.

This makes sense to me and explains why some people and pretty much most children can tune into other frequencies and see spirits, orbs, ghost, non human intelligence and have the experience of déjà vu.

*Do our thoughts create our living projection/reality?

Yes, good or bad you choose. Your dominate thoughts and emotions create your reality. It’s almost like we have a thought stream/script running and our choices steer the ship.

*Do our thoughts/vibration shift us from parallel reality to parallel reality?

Yes all day, all night depending on the vibration you hold,.. happy…sad.. we are shifting back and forth it is just so subtle that we are not noticing it. This also goes back to the importance of making good choices

*Are we alone in a multi-verse?

Absolutely not!  We are not alone in a universe and especially not in a multi-verse. There are Good and bad in all beings.

As I am so curious by nature, and I don’t base my final thoughts on the google searches, I decided I wanted to dig a little deeper! One night I was at home reading and I got this feeling I had to jump on the internet, to be honest I don’t even remember what I typed in, all I know is that I ended up on a website called FREE Next thing you know I was on a zoom call with Co-Founder Rey Hernandez and Mary Rodwell and ended up filling in as the volunteer Peer to Peer Coordinator at FREE I had the pleasure of speaking to people from different parts of the world and assisting them through their experiences with many different races of beings!  When you hear the same stories from all over the world from children to 70 years old it becomes truth! See FREE’s study below..

About FREE

FREE was formally incorporated as a not for profit academic research institute on July 15, 2015 by various retired Ph.D. physicists, scientists and lay researchers to research “WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS”.  Advanced physics, in particular, the Quantum Hologram Theory of Physics and Consciousness, as developed by Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Rudy Schild, can possibly describe how all of these diverse paranormal “Contact Modalities” are interrelated. Free’s Cofounders are as follows :: Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez, the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy Schild, an Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University, and Australian Experiencer researcher Mary Rodwell. The Executive Director of FREE is Dr. Rudy Schild.

OVERVIEW OF INITIAL DATA FINDINGSMany of our summary data responses totally contradict what is being circulated in the field of Ufology.  Many of the summary data are rarely or never openly discussed in the field of Ufology.  What we found is that the vast majority of individuals that have had UFO related “Contact” with Non Human Intelligence Beings view their experiences as “Positive” and they are having a multitude of paranormal experiences.  These many diverse paranormal contact experiences provide support towards the hypothesis that we live in a multi-dimensional reality which suggest that humans are both physical and spiritual beings and that the NHIBs that are interacting with us might indeed be multi-dimensional beings interacting with us on multiple levels of reality–  a hypothesis that many of our FREE Ph.D. physicists and scientists call “The Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness”.   

See the Stat’s Here!

The following is not an “analysis” but just a summary of the “raw data” from Phase 1 and 2 of our English language surveys as of December 1, 2016.  This same exact data can be found, via PDF charts, in the Research Menu of our FREE Website, under the menu “Experiencer Researcher”,


2,010 individuals have seen a UFO.

63% of these individuals had a witness to the UFO sighting(s).  We also collected numerous data about what the UFOs looked like, how it moved and its size and dimensions, etc. 

54% have deliberately called down to see a UFO craft. 

58% have deliberately called to see a NHIB. 


1,390 individuals have physically seen a NHIB. 

63% said they had witnesses who also saw this Being.

72% have interacted with the being(s);

85% of these individuals have interacted with these beings more than once. 

54% have seen them more than 10 times. 


55% saw Energy Beings:  6.7% were mainly negative experiences;

52% saw Human Looking Beings:  5.2% were mainly negative experiences;

50% saw Small Greys:   11.5% were mainly negative experiences;

47% saw Spirit/Ghost Beings:  7.4% were mainly negative experiences;

34% saw Tall Greys:  12.4% were mainly negative experiences;

26% saw Hybrid Beings:  6.3% were mainly negative experiences;

25% saw Reptilians:  23% were mainly negative experiences;

21% saw Insectoid/Mantid Beings:  9.5% were mainly negative experiences;

14% saw Small Animal Being:  5.8% were mainly negative experiences;

13% saw Tall Animal Being:  9.6% were mainly negative experiences;


Overall, 85% have stated their contact with NHIBs have been “Positive”;

84% do not want their Contact experiences with the NHIBs to stop. 

9.7% believe the NHIBs are Bad or Malevolent. 

62% have stated that the NHIB have tried to help them. 

71% feel Expanded Consciousness in the presence of the NHIBs. 

66% have felt Love from these NHIBs. 


4.3% Highly Negative Effect on changing your life;

6.7% Slightly Negative;

16.5% Neutral;

21.7% Slightly Positive;

50.9% Highly Positive Effect on changing your life. 



1,636 have received “telepathic” messages, or though transferences from a NHIB.

Of these, 1,010 have been downloads of advanced science, physics, and technology. 

53% of these telepathic messages contained a vision, a video, or picture.   

75% of these communications were in the Experiencer’s native language. 

60% have received telepathic messages on more than 5 occasions. 

Nature of telepathic messages: 

68% contained personally relevant information for the individual;

51% pertained to Spiritual or Religious issues;

51% were philosophical or metaphysical;

34.6% were scientific or technical in nature;

33.7% were social-political in nature;

45% concerned human behavior;

47% were other types of information;

26% concerned advanced physics;


1,345 have had “Missing Time” (time progressed much more rapidly than expected or time that was lost).   

830 have had “Extra Time” (arriving much sooner than expected)


1,700 have had “paranormal” experiences in their home. 

1,950 or 81% who took our Phase 1 survey have had an Out of Body Experiences.

37% who took our Phase 2 survey had a Near Death Experience. 

76% have seen a Ghost or Spirit. 

67% have had a Past Life Memory. 

47% have met and conversed with a deceased person. 

29% have Channeled a NHIB(s). 

49% have seen their body out in space leaving the planet Earth. 

45% have memories of visiting what is commonly called “The Spirit World”. 

941 individuals have physically seen an Orb and 66% were seen in their home. 

The orbs were seen in all different colors. 

46% saw an orb go through an object such as a wall. 

82% believe these Orbs are conscious living beings. 

47% have seen what can be considered “Shadow People” in their homes, beings that look cloudy human like that streak across their home. 

60% have repeatedly experienced objects moving in their home without any logical explanation. 


51% of Phase 2 respondents stated that a NHIB has performed a “Medical Healing” on them or a member of their family. 

16.5% were specifically told by NHIBs that they were medically healed by them. 


667 individuals have had “conscious” memories of being on board a UFO craft.

How did you arrive on the craft: 

7% walked onto the craft;

31% were dematerialized and traveled through physical objects;

62% said Other type of transportation. 

57% of these individuals have had contact with Non Human Intelligence on the craft. 

48% said the contact was with a Human Looking Being;

44.6% with a Small Grey;

33.7% with a Tall Grey;

20% Hybrid;

14% Insectoid/Mantid;

12.7% Reptilian;

9% Spirit Form;

31% said “Other”. 

163 individuals have stated they have operated a craft. 

19% said they know what “Powers” a craft.

Over 75% said they saw more than 3 Entities on the Craft. 

The majority have been on board a craft more than 4 times. 

195 individuals were taken on a “Tour” of the craft. 

212 were allowed to roam the craft without supervision. 

41% stated they have been on a craft as a child. 

48% stated that the craft “Was Alive”–  the craft was a living entity.

44% know why they were taken aboard the craft. 

19% recall seeing other humans on the craft. 


659 individuals have had contact with a NHIB in a matrix-like reality–  a reality with no boundaries, similar like you are in the middle of outer space. 

584 saw these types of entities: 

45% Human Looking;

38.3% Other Type;

35.6% Spirit Looking;

21% Short Grey;

15.4% Tall Grey. 

60.5% said this Experience occurred while they were physically in their human body. 

66.6% said their “Consciousness was separated from their bodies”. 

56% stated that their “Thoughts were Sped Up”. 

75% stated that their “Senses were more vivid than usual”. 

49% stated that in this reality that “Time Stopped or was Slowed Down”. 

54.5% stated that they “Felt United or One with the world”. 

38% stated that they “suddenly seemed to understand everything about the Universe”. 

83% stated that this experience was very real, “As real or normal as speaking with a family member next to you”. 

393 individuals had an experience with a “Council” of different Non Human Intelligence. 

198 were actually brought to this “Council Meeting”.     


35% know when a NHIB will appear before they arrive. 

739 individuals stated being paralyzed by a NHIB. 

332 stated the beings used a light instrument.   

464 individuals have seen a NHIB with a Uniform

51% were Human Looking;

24% were Other;

24% were Short Greys;

22% were Tall Greys;

15% were Hybrids;

14% were Reptilians;

7% were Insectoid/Mantid.

423 individuals have seen a NHIB with a Monk’s Robe. 

627 have woken up and have seen a NHIB in their living room. 

673 have had a NHIB touch them. 

30% have stated that they have reached an “Agreement” with NHIB for a future task. 

77.8% stated that the NHIBs have a “Personality”. 

44.6% stated that the NHIBs have been “Playful” with them;

56% believe that NHIBS are with them most of the time;

47% believe that if called, a NHIB will appear to them;

82% believe that the NHIBs can travel to the Past and the Future;

97% believe that NHIBs can travel to “Other Dimensions”.


25% stated that the NHIB told them their “Mission” on Earth;

25% were shown how to do energy work;

21% were told that their DNA was unique;

45% have reached an “Agreement” with NHIB;

30% agreed to be taken aboard a UFO craft;

19% agreed to participate in an Alien Breeding program;

28% stated that the NHIBs told them where they are from;

41% were told by NHIBs to share the information they were given;

55% were given a message of Love or Oneness;

26% were given a message about Reincarnation;

31% were given a message about GOD;

19% were told that the NHIBS created Humans;

25.6% were told that NHIBs are upgrading our Human DNA;

30.2% were told by the NHIBS about the Death Process and the “Spirit World”;

39% were given an environmental message about planet Earth;

34% were told about a future natural catastrophe;

26% were told that they were an actual NHIB or part NHIBs;

15.8% were told about “Soul Swapping”;

24% were told by NHIBS that they interacted with them in a Past Life;

30% were told by the NHIBS about the concept of “Time”;

30% were told by the NHIBS about the concept of “Parallel Universes”;

16.5% were specifically told by NHIBs that they were medically healed by them;


530 individuals believe they are involved in an Alien Breeding Program. 

What type of being was involved in the Alien Breeding Program: 

48.3% Short Grey;

39.3% Human Looking Being;

34.5% Tall Grey;

31.7% Hybrid;

21.7% Other;

15% Reptilian;

31% know the purpose for the Alien Breeding Program. 

399 believe they have a Hybrid child. 

194 were presented with a Hybrid child by these NHIBs. 


34% consciously recall lying on a table and being medically examined by a NHIB;

20% consciously recall receiving an operation by a NHIB;

51% believe than NHIBs placed an Implant in their body;

22% believe the implant is in their sinus area;

34% stated elsewhere in their head;

9% in their neck;

11% in their arms;

9% in their legs. 

366 individuals know the type of NHIBs that placed the implant: 

41% Short Greys;

25.4% Tall Greys;

21% Other;

18% Human Looking;

10.4% Insectoid/Mantid Being;

5.7% Reptilian. 

53% have woken up with small Scoop Marks or Puncture Wounds


82.5% believe there is a connection between NHIBs and the “Spirit World”;

89% believe there is a connection between NHIBs and the “Paranormal”;

75.4% believe there is a connection between NHIBs and Reincarnation;

26% were given a message about Reincarnation by NHIBs;

31% were given a message about GOD;

30.2% were told by the NHIBS about the Death Process and the “Spirit World”;

25% were told by NHIBs that they at one time were a NHIBs;

58% believe that they have interacted with NHIBs in their past life;

24% were told by NHIBS that they interacted with NHIBs in a Past Life;

38% believe that NHIBs are “Modern Angels”;

82% believe that the NHIBs can travel to the Past and the Future;

97% believe that NHIBs can travel to “Other Dimensions”;

91% believe that there is some sort of a grand plan in motion that Experiencers are all a part of?


46% had an Out of Body Experiences;

35% stated that a Physical NHIB appeared to them as a child;

44% stated that a non-physical NHIB appeared to them;

22% stated that this physical NHIB taught them things;

19.4% stated that this physical NHIB played with them;

56% believe that a Guardian Angel or Spirit watched over them as a child;

25% stated that a physical NHIB told them as a child that they had a special purpose in life;

56% had Pre-cognition skills as a child;

41% were conscious of other dimensions, other realities;

84% had very vivid dreams;

27% had pre-birth memories;

34% believed that they had lived before;

20% believe that they had a Near Death Experience as a child;

50% believe that they were very psychic during their childhood.


After my Experiences Began– 

68% became more sensitive to other realities;

56% became more psychic;

50% began to feel energy in their hands;

48% said their ability to learn increased;

46% experienced a flooding of information that they could not process;

57% became aware of energy discharges or currents flowing through their body; 

61% became more telepathic with others;

60% stated their susceptibility to illness decreased;

57% became more able to absorb complex information;

47% believe they can heal individuals by touching them;

62% have experienced flashes of “Cosmic Consciousness”–  knowing everything; 

61% became more aware of the presence of NHIBs;

55% believe that their  mind became tremendously expanded;

64% began having Pre-Cognition abilities (knowing events before they happened); 

50% stated that electrical devices malfunctioned in their presence.



My concern with Spiritual matters;

My desire to help others;

my compassion for others;

my appreciation of the ordinary things in life;

my ability to love others;

my tolerance of others;

my insight into the problems of others;

my concern with the welfare of planet Earth;

my understanding of what life is all about;

my concern with ecological matters;

my conviction that there is life after death;


My concern with material things in life;

my interest in organized Religion;

my fear of death;

my desire to become a well know person.


93.5% agree that NHIBs from other planets or dimensions, are already among us;

86.4% agree that there are higher-order intelligences that have a concern with the welfare of our planet;

79% agree that we are already in or at least on the verge of a New Age and that NHIBs have a role in this;

78% believe that the changes they have undergone since becoming interested in UFO experiences are part of an evolutionary unfolding of humanity;

74% believe that evolutionary forces are already at work which will transform humanity at large into a more self-aware, spiritually sensitive species and that the NHIBs have a role in this;

72% believe that we are now living through a time of greatly accelerated spiritual evolution;

69% believe that their UFO experiences were “arranged” or “designed” by a higher intelligence and that the NHIBs have a role in this;

68% believe that unless the human race changes significantly for the better, there will be massively destructive geophysical disturbances very shortly;

65% believe that humanity may be the object of biological experimentation by NHIBs.

In summary, this document is not a formal “analysis” of our FREE Experiencer Research Study but just a summary of the “raw data” from Phase 1 and 2 of our English language surveys as of December 1, 2016. 

This same exact data can be found, via PDF charts, in the Research Menu of our FREE Website, under the menu “Experiencer Researcher”,