Minor Illness: 1-2 times  
Terminal Illness: Once per week over for a month use your judgment if you need to do more continue

Here’s what you need:

Plastic bed sheet to cover bed
Two - Four 100% cotton sheets, Extra Blankets (non-synthetic), Few old towels
Bucket or storage bin large enough for 20 pounds of ice and a 100% cotton sheet, 20 pounds of ice
Kettle, Blender
Olive/Coconut oil (to use as lubricant)
8oz of Distilled Water, 8oz of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Enema Bag
Old cotton t-shirt and string to tie off (to make a large tea bag, Herbs to put in are marked below)
Rectal Syringe

Herbal Supplies:

Cayenne Tincture (If you feel faint this will bring you right back - you may not but good to have)
Lobelia Tincture (Relaxes you)
8-10 Cloves of Garlic
Yarrow flower or sage leaf and ginger to make tea (If don't have no worries use lemon) Warm tea is to keep you hydrated and keep your core temperature going
1 Ounce Cayenne powder
1 Ounce Ginger root powder
1 Ounce dry Mustard Seed powder

Cover your bed with a plastic bed sheet (they sell them at Wallmart or you can goggle it) On top of the plastic sheet, put 2 – 100% cotton sheets covering over top the plastic sheets.

Place the third 100% cotton sheet in the bucket with the 20 pounds of ice. Add about 1 gallon of water. Make sure the sheet and ice are mixed together well.

Brew a pot or boil 6-8 cups of yarrow, sage and ginger or lemon tea. This tea needs to be guzzled to keep hydrated, so don’t make it to hot or you can add room temperature water so it’s drinkable if it doesn’t cool down a bit by the time you drink it.

Prepare a hot bath. Begin filling the bathtub with hot water. This hot water will be sitting for about 10 minutes before you get in so make don’t fill the tub with Luke warm it needs to be HOT.

Make a large teabag out of a cut up t-shirt OR go to a fabric store and buy unbleached cotton get extra, as you should have the intention to do this again.

Fill with the following herbs:
1 ounce of Cayenne powder
1 ounce of Mustard Seed Powder
1 ounce of Ginger root powder

Tightly tie off with a cotton string

Place this tea bag in your bathtub filled with hot, hot water. The water will turn yellowy orange. Squeeze the bag every so often to active the herbs. The fumes might make you cough a bit.

ENEMA: Fill your enema bag with cool, distilled water. If you want, you can take half an hour and do a complete high enema or colonic. At the minimum you want to empty the rectum of fecal matter.

Garlic Injection: You will be using your rectal syringe for this garlic injection. You can find a rectal syringe at your local pharmacy.

Liquefy in a blender:
8 ounces-distilled water
8 ounces organic apple cider vinegar
6-10 cloves of garlic

Put liquid mixture in rectal syringe. Lubricate rectum and end of syringe with coconut or olive oil, Insert it quickly to get it all in at once – It will want to come right back out so stay by toilet will have slight sting give yourself couple of minutes and move to next step.

Hot Bath: IMPORTANT Before getting into this hot herbal bath you must cover your genitals, anus, nipples and any extra sensitive areas or wounds with Vaseline to protect them (I’ve tried it with coconut oil which worked for me) but it depends on your sensitivity

20-30 minutes is your goal! The first couple of times I had a healing partner every other time I did it by myself.

If you have a good healing partner, someone that will push you to stay in the tub that extra inch, It might be that extra inch that heals you!

*Begin to drink your 6-7 cups of tea or lemon and hot water. It is very important to stay hydrated while in a hot tub. You only have 20 minutes in the tub so make sure to drink and keep hydrated.

Keep Cayenne Tincture close incase you feel light headed. Use Lobelia in case of any muscle spasm. The 1st 5-10 minutes will be smooth 10-15 you might feel like you want to get out. …This is when you need to STAY IN!! If you are lucky you may have an    emotional healing as well!! Crying releasing emotions let all the blockages leave. (This didn’t happen to me but from what I heard from the people it has happened to they said it was life changing in a great way!) Keep breathing!

Cold Sheet: Your healing partner will help you out of the tub and right away wrap you in the cold sheet that has been soaking in the bucket of ice. This will feel so good after getting out of that hot tub. Lie down on your prepared bed of plastic and 100% cotton sheets, your healing partner will cover you with another cotton sheet and some blankets (non synthetic) the cotton sheets will draw out old poisons that have come to your skins surface as a result of the hot bath. STAY WRAPPED UP AT LEAST FOR 3 HOURS IF NOT UNTIL MORNING

When you unwrap yourself your sheets may have turned multi-colored from all the poisons that have been drawn out through the skin. These toxins have been inside you for years – sometimes your whole life.

Ahhhhhhh! All done and not as bad as you thought!
For me my first time was the most intense I felt strong vibrations run through my body right from my toes to the top of head but it was all very well controlled and once done I felt Amazing!!