My experience with The Silva Method Meditations!


Have you ever felt the “Nudge”?  A thought pops in your mind and urges you to do something and you can’t ignore it.. you just have to do it!

What is the nudge exactly? You have a sudden need to draw your attention to something, talk to someone, research something, grab a pen and paper – it just has to be done! Is it intuition from our higher self? What ever makes it happen it always seems to be for our best interest. My favourite part about it is when you ride on the excitement that brought the idea, it becomes effortless to complete. Pretty exciting!

Why I say “YES!“ to the nudge:

A few years back I was online and came across The Silva Method intuition course and suddenly felt shiver rushes. I literally felt that I had to buy these meditations. I went with it and clicked buy.

Within the first month, I felt a higher level of intuition and synchronicity was everywhere. I got nudges to send e-mails, take a course, build a website, go somewhere on a certain night and they all brought great things!

Then a big nudge came –  and this was really big for me – I got the nudge to leave my secure full-time job. This didn’t seem logical at all.  I had no financial backing at the time; how could I do this? I initially ignored the nudge but it kept coming back.  I knew I wanted to make changes in my life but was this the right time? How would I get by? I discovered through this process that I was getting in my own way because of my fear of the unknown. So last September I took the leap! I decided to leave my comfort zone and quit my day job.

Did I doubt myself? Of course I did.

Has it been stressful at times? Sure it has.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!!

Leaving my comfort zone has forced me to create changes in my life which have brought so many opportunities I would have never seen. I realized that my passions were being overlooked and put aside as hobbies.  I had become complacent at work and uninspired. The “nudges” woke me up! I started paying attention to what got me excited every day and what I felt most passionate about. The nudges continued. I started looking for work in new areas that combined my previous “hobbies.” Before I knew it I had figured out a way to get paid for what I love doing the most!

This weekend after a meditation I turned on my computer, and there was an email from Stephen Dobos who is a Silva instructor right here in Toronto. He happens to be hosting The Silva Method live Immersion Program 10 minutes away from where I live . Guess where I’m going this weekend!

Follow the Nudge!!