I walked into the grocery store this morning, to the sounds of Motown playing and people bobbing their heads.

Can’t help but have a big smile, today’s going to be a great day!

As I’m shopping I’m thinking last week I was tired, not in the best mood, what can I do to shake things up?! I want to create excitement for no reason, be happy, silly and make it last a little longer each time!

So here’s my top 5 ways to shake it up:

Interested in taking a flight lesson?  ::  I was and I did! It is so much fun!!  Your local Cessna airport can help with this. Take a Introductory Flight Lesson for $100. Just out side Toronto at Buttonville Municipal Airport and flight training complex. Your $100 gets you 20 minutes of ground briefing and up to 40 minutes of aircraft time, now that’s pretty exciting! (*Little note here.. we did this for my husbands birthday 7 of us went, we all had our own lesson, if you want to surprise someone this is a cool way to do it!)

Be a tourist in your own city! ::  Book a hotel, take a tour, meet travellers. Every time I have ever travelled I meet great people so easily and end up having so much fun! We are excited and happy when we travel which makes us approachable and open to meeting people fast. Shake up that energy in your own town!!

Get out of your house, find exciting people with the same interest ::  Join Meetup groups! Sign up to groups you share common interests with: Mediation, photography, salsa dance night Meetups, mastermind groups there’s a group for everything. Someone you bump into might show up with a great opportunity, bring inspiration or turn into a new friend. Get out there!!    www.meetup.com

Force yourself out of your comfort zone at least once a month  ::  

  • Every time you go for a coffee, drink, dinner or walk  – do it in a different neighbourhood, you never know what that day might turn into.
  • Say “yes” to all positive opportunity that present themselves even if your unsure about them. It’s all about taking action which will line you up with more great things!
  • Face your fears!! Very Important. Bring all fears and emotions to the surface that may have been buried for a long time, cry it out, meditate or do what ever you need to release it. Now you might be saying ” well that doesn’t sound like much fun?” Maybe not at the moment although once these fears are released, the fun and laugh for no reason moments will last longer and longer each time! Now that’s fun right?! Stored negative emotions are not healthy for your physical body and they blind your clarity. Cut the cords and let them loose! You’ll feel incredible and free once you finally do.

I have done everything on this list except the below, that ones next!!

Plan an trip in an exciting way  ::  Pick your top 5 top travel/adventure or culinary destination spots write them down on a piece of paper, shake them up in a bag. Which ever one you pick is the destination your going to! Don’t change it there’s a reason you may have went for that piece of paper see what happens once you get there!

*On a last note, I went to a parking lot near the airport to take photos of airplanes, one which I used in this post, other photographers had the same idea.. meet some people, it was really fun, great day!

Shake Life Up,