Educate to Regenerate!..

To bring your body back into balance you need to clear the blockage!  Working on your Mind, Energy and Physical body.


Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method, believed that 90% of illnesses come from the human mind—and can therefore, depending on the persons commitment, can be reversed by the mind too.

Questions to ask yourself.

When did i first notice these symptoms?

When did this illness or ailment occur?

How was I feeling? what was I doing? What was I thinking in the months and week prior to that noticeable onset?

What is this illness or ailment preventing me from doing or having in my life?

**What if your illness is simply making you aware of something that needs to change?!

What is this showing me that I may be resisting?

Find the mental, emotional and physical block,

If I acknowledge this ailment as my teacher what is it trying to teach me?


Important when dealing with the Physical body the most important thing is to clear the colon and get the the toxins, bacteria and viruses out! Biomagnatism and Ed Skilling technologies are a big help with this.

To get well you have to correct the cause of the disease, which is why you always start at the bowel.

The colon is so big that it is connected to, touches, and sits next to or in the vicinity of every major organ in the human body except the brain. It also touches most of your blood vessels and nerves. Constipation causes the colon to literally swell, expand and even herniate. Remember that the leading medical books told us that all of us store too much fecal matter and have this happening inside us. So when an area of the colon gets constipated and swells, it COMPRESSES & CRUSHES THE ORGAN NEXT TO IT! This could be the lungs, heart, liver and gallbladder, the pancreas, kidneys and adrenals, uterus, the prostate, again almost ever major organ in the body. This is simply why a constipated, swollen colon can cause an almost endless amount of seemingly unrelated diseases. Please listen to the below interview to learn more.

Castor Packs  – move story somewhere else

Not only is castor oil incredibly cleansing but it seems to be able to heal the body in various ways, whether it be a cellular disfunction or external skin condition.


Two to Three layers of undyed/ Unbleached wool or cotton flannel large enough to cover the affected area (standard fabric stores should have this call ahead to avoid wasting time, also buy at least a yard to have around)

*Castor oil – you can buy this at any health food store or online.

*Get plastic wrap cut it slightly larger than the flannel (can be safety pinned to your pack)

*Hot water bottle

*Container with lid – to store castro pack in

*Towel. Castor oil will stain clothing and bedding put a towel underneath you.


1. Cut your piece of unbleached flannel so it’s big enough to go right across affected area and give any extra 5 inches of space and double the material. If using it over stomach to help digestion/constipation or over liver use enough material from the middle of your side, across your stomach to your other side and double it.

2. Cover one side with plastic wrap safety pin the corners down. Pour Castrol oil back and forth covering the middle staying 2 inches away from the edges

3. Place the pack over the affected body part.

4. Place the hot water bottle over the pack. Leave it on for 45-60 minutes. Rest while the pack is in place.

If you have cancer sleep with it on all night – Ladies use a tube top to secure it if keeping it on all night men can use tensor bandage loosely wrapped to hold in place.

5. After removing the pack, cleanse the area with a dilute solution of water and baking soda or a gently natural soap.

6. Store the pack in the covered container in the refrigerator or somewhere cool. Each pack may be reused up to 25-30 times.


* Increases bowl eliminations

* Stimulates the liver

* Dissolves and removes adhesions

* Dissolves and removes lesions

* Relieves pain

* Stimulates organs and glands

* Releases colon impaction

* Stimulates the gallbladder

* Reducing toxemia

* Increases lymphatic circulation

* Improves intestinal assimilation

* Balances elimination

* Reduces inflammation

* Increases relaxation

* Reduces swelling

* Reduces nausea

* Coordinates liver function