Green Juices daily detoxify the body – Gerson recommends taking a coffee enema 30 minutes after consuming the Green Juice to better detoxify the body. it is important to detox the bowel at the same time to assure all toxins are leaving the system and not being reabsorbed back into the system. One should start with the juices very slowly with the sick. That may mean only half of a small glass of juices and build up from there. If you give the very sick too much juice to fast they could possibly throw up or cause diarrhea. Start very slow.

Recipe for making the Green Drink is below. One will work up to (2) 8oz glasses per day if possible. If one is just starting out on the juicing protocol for the first time, I would use only the Apple/Carrot first.

Ingredients for 8 oz. / 236 ml Green Juice: 6-7 big leaves (with stalk) of romaine, red or green leaf lettuce 2-3 leaves of escarole 2-3 leaves of endive 3-4 leaves of red cabbage 2-3 young inner beet tops (inner leaves) 2 leaves of Swiss chard, any color A quarter of a green bell pepper 3-4 leaves of watercress 1 large green apple, Granny Smith or as sour and hard as possible

Carrot/Apple juice one can work up to consuming (4) 8oz glasses per day if possible. Wash and brush the carrots. Do not peel them, you can cut the ends of . Recipe below !!

Ingredients for 8 oz. / 236 ml Carrot/Apple Juice: 3-4 organic carrots 1 large green apple, Granny Smith or as sour and tart as possible.

Carrot Juice one can consume up to (2) 8oz glasses per day if possible, but not when one is first starting out. One needs to start slow. If diabetic you may have to dilute the carrot with 1/2 water to 1/2 carrot juice first, until the body gets use to it.

Example of Possible Juicing Protocol
8:00 am Carrot Juice 1:00 pm Apple/Carrot 5:00 pm Apple/Carrot
9:00 am Green Juice 2:00 pm Green Juice 6:00 pm Apple/Carrot
10:00 am Apple/Carrot 4:00 pm Carrot

Additional Information

Max Gerson is famous for his cancer therapy and juicing was the major part of the protocol. To read more on Gerson see His book (Gerson Therapy Hand Book) available on the website, as it has a great deal of very good information and easy to read. In the back of this book are numerous food recipes for cancer patients.