The Mind

FEELING STRESSED Have you heard or said this before ” How come everything bad happens to me? Why am i always sick?” 

…Why me?” We all know it’s a lot easier to dwell and dwell on negative things and this is exactly why we get more negative things coming to us. What ever we think the most about eventually becomes our reality and shows up for us. If we all want changes it’s vital to take ownership of our thoughts!!

Thoughts are Things!

Conscious Mind has the ability to accept or reject information and ideas, because of this we can choose our thoughts here.

Subconscious Mind is our feeling and emotional mind. This part of our mind is where we store memories, habits, conditioned beliefs, self-image and this part has no ability to reject any thought, it takes in everything. This is the part we are not conscious of and it cannot determine the difference between that which is real or what is imagined.

Take ownership of your thoughts


  • Understanding this is very important because many of our stored beliefs are not ours and this causes limitations in 1 or more areas of our lives. We are feed a lot of information from schooling, advertising, medical & political Industries even from our parents.

    It is when we want to see beyond what were told and we become curious, when we are looking for (truth), this is when our belief systems start to change… and it does so because we consume ourselves with positive learning like (autosuggestion) we now are feeding ourselves new information repetitively and that’s what creates our reality to change.

    For example: If you are sick with a disease but you believe and visulise daily perfect health you will notice yourself changing to take ACTION to move toward a Healthy outcome . Same applies to Love, success and all aspects of your life.

    I want to note again that our Subconscious Mind cannot determine the difference between that which is real or what is imagined.  (This is why positive visualization works so well, picture your ideal situation and that it’s already happened, you are living it, don’t be shy dream BIG! make it a daily habit, Meditation is also great for this. ) *Pro-Athletes and CEO’s have been using this method for years we might as well get the benefits to!

    Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive, And You Believe, You Can Achieve Napoleon Hill